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Father’s Day is around the corner and we thought that a nice gift would be mushrooms! Mostly because we love mushrooms! This can be a gift for any guy or girl in your life that you love! You can buy uncommon mushrooms at specialty farms and stores, forage for edible wild mushrooms or even make a basket of favourite common store bought mushrooms.

Making these adorable cards and including it with the mushrooms would make anyone smile. It will be a special keepsake because they are made with cute little fingerprints! You won’t be able to make just one either. Our girls both made several because they are so fun to paint!

Morel and toadstool mushrooms (these are based on the poisonous Amanita Mascaria Mushrooms.), are perfect for little fingerprints! Make the white spots on the red mushrooms or create the grooves on the brown Morel.

Teach about wild mushrooms while creating this craft: Help show what a poisonous mushroom in the wild would look like! The red ones with white spots should be avoided. Looking through mushrooms books before creating this craft could be fun, and help give a reference for how to paint them.

If you don’t want to draw the entire mushroom yourself we have included some mushroom templates to print and colour, and add your fingerprints. The caps of the mushrooms are blank for you to add the fingerprint spots. Scroll down to see the templates.

These are easy to paint for all ages, and will make an adorable card to that special person!

If you want to make cardboard mushrooms to go with it here’s is the link to our recycled mushroom blog:

You can also make a mushroom cardboard basket to go with your card, find that on our recycled nature basket blog here:


  1. Washable paint or acrylic paint

  2. Paint brushes

  3. Watercolour paper

  4. Letter stamps or a marker

  5. A basket of Mushrooms (if desired)

These are super easy to paint they barely need any direction. Here’s the step by step visual guide for the Morel Mushroom.

Steps for the Morel;

1. Draw an oval with a bit of a wavy line.

2. Paint a rectangle shape for the stem.

3: Paint the mushroom light brown with a white stem.

4: Add fingerprints by dipping your finger into the dark brown or black paint and pressing your finger down onto the mushroom cap. Make several fingerprints to represent the indents on the Morel mushroom.

This is what your painting will look like! Add any other details that you desire, like grass or bugs!

Here's our two year old daughter painted this Morel Mushroom Card:

The collection of Morels paintings that the girls made!

5: Add a cute saying to your mushroom card - “you are a fungi”

If desired, Sign your name!

To paint the Red and white Toadstool/ Fly Agaric:

1. Make an outline of the mushroom with black paint or a black marker. Use our mushroom template as a reference, if needed. For a small mushroom make two circle shapes, one on top of the other. For larger mushrooms make a longer stem with a ring and base. Use oval and circle shapes for the cap.

2. After you paint the red cap, add your white fingerprints for the dots. Press your finger directly into the paint and then press it onto the red cap. You can do this step while the paint is still wet, or wait for it to dry.

3. Add a custom made stamp ‘You are a Fungi’ with Alphabet stamps, or write it out with a marker. Add any other cute sayings like, ‘I love you very Mush.’

We have made a free Mushroom template with three fly Agaric Mushrooms and one Morel. The caps are empty to add your finger prints. You can create the fingerprints with ink, and leave them black and white, or colour your mushrooms and then add your fingerprints. There is one printable with the writing on it and one blank, so that you can write it yourself.

Please remember these are copyrighted and for crafting and gift purposes only. These are only available for a limited time.

You can download and print this free mushroom template directly here:

Don’t forget to include a small basket of Mushrooms with your homemade card!

We got these specialty mushrooms from a local mushroom farm in Kaslo, BC, called Mr. Mercy’s Mushrooms.

check out their website:

All of these mushrooms above are from Mr. Mercy’s Mushroom Farm. There are stunning pink oyster mushrooms, lions mane, bear’s head, comb tooth, black pearl king and many more at his farm, including mushroom grow kits.

We hope you enjoy this fungi craft and have fun making it for someone special! If you make this craft and want to show us, feel free to tag us @acorns.and.aprons. We may feature your creation as a story!


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