What a fun, educational and creative week of #7daysofmushrooms!

To kick off the summer on July 1-7, 2021 a group of parent crafters joined in on the hashtag #7daysofmushrooms, organized by Millie @forest_roads. It was such an inspirational week that we wanted to share some of the BEST mushroom crafts on our blog!

We asked the hosts to pick their favourite mushroom craft that they made for mushroom week, and these are what they picked!

Check out the hashtag and these accounts on Instagram for more brilliant ideas!

Mushroom craft one:

A Beautifully illustrated Mushroom block puzzle painted by Millie @forest.roads

You can reuse old wooden blocks to paint your mushroom design onto!

Mushroom Craft two:

Fun Paper Fairy Ring Centerpiece: Tutorial by Franni Shelton @my_seasonal_treasury

Check out her easy tutorial for making this darling mushroom center piece;

“I have always been enchanted with fairy rings and thought that creating a fairy circle around a candle would be a truly magical addition to any dinner table. All you need is a piece of printer paper, a pencil, a set of colored pencils (we used Lyra Waldorf Edition colored pencils from @bellalunatoys), and a pair of sharp scissors.”


1. Fold a piece of printer paper so that the bottom right corner meets the left edge of the paper (image 1).

2. Use scissors to cut off the excess strip of paper (image 2).

3. Fold the resulting triangle in half to create a smaller triangle (image 3).

4. Fold the outer corners inward to create an arrow shape (images 4 and 5).

5. Use scissors to cut off the excess pieces of paper (image 6).

6. Use a pencil to draw two half mushrooms onto the resulting triangle (image 7).

7. Use sharp scissors to cut out the shapes (image 8).

8. Open up your mushroom ring and color it using colored pencils.

For more great ideas, check out her website: https://www.duftdesregens.com

Mushroom Craft three:

Fun and beautiful Mushroom print wrapping paper by Zoe Thorpe @zoe.thorpe

“With a few birthdays coming up this month, printing wrapping paper is a fun craft for the kids to help with the celebrations!

Stamps made out of POTATOES: Carve out a potato into the shape of a mushroom and stamp it onto large paper using red and white paint.