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Painting these watercolour geodes is a fun way to learn colours and techniques to watercolour painting. Our step by step image guide and video demo will show you how to let the colours bleed into each other to create an interesting effect. This is a fun introduction to watercolour painting for beginners.

Learn two different ways to create geodes with watercolour paint. These geode watercolour painting make a nice piece of artwork to hang onto your wall or make them into cards to give away on special holidays.


  1. watercolour paper

  2. watercolour paints (washable for kids)

  3. washable markers

step by step instructions (using washable markers and watercolour paints):

  1. draw a cut geode shape. Like an oval shape with some bumps or imperfections here and there.

  2. draw a small oval in the centre using washable marker inside the larger shaped oval.

  3. draw another oval with washable marker slightly bigger, and then another until you reach the bigger oval shape.

  4. start to paint each section a different colour or different shade of one colour using watercolour paint. Allow the brush to paint along the marker and you will notice that the marker will bleed into the paint, creating a certain glassy geode effect.

How to paint geodes by just using only watercolour paint:

This quick Geode watercolour painting demo shows you how to easily paint a cut geode using varies sized oval shapes of different colours (or shades) that slightly overlap so that the colours start to bleed a little. Have fun exploring different colourings.

Bleed technique: Make sure you apply a watery mix to your brush by adding a watery paint mixture. When the two colours touch each other a bleeding or blending effect will start to happen. The more water you apply to the brush the bigger the bleed. To create no bleed effect, add less water to your brush or paint mixture. Play around with the technique until you get the hang of it.

Agate geodes by Charlotte age 6, using the circle bleeding technique.

Here’s a step by step image guide:

After you create your geodes, add some biodegradable glitter or glitter glue if you’d like.

Have fun creating geode paintings! Check out our other geode themed blogs. Follow us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons and tag us if you create this craft.


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