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Welcome to Acorns and Aprons, a place full of activities to help create hands-on nature experiences. Explore our blog,  shop and freebie page to find original artwork, printables and many nature and recycled craft ideas. We hope the activities we share inspire you to spend time outdoors exploring, creating and foraging! We believe that connecting with nature is fundamental to our growth and learning. Come on this beautiful journey with us and let's see what we learn and discover. 


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We extended our 
small shop onto Etsy,
where we plan on adding smaller packs!

For now we added these NEW Nature-inspired PDF Printable Advent Calendar Boxes!

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Our Tree Boxes PDF has tiny cards with nature activities and positive affirmations to include inside your Tree Boxes!



Butterfly Craft Ideas

Wild Learning


Wild Moon  bundle
 Each month is a celebration about the full moon, making it a bundle you can use everyday of the year! Follow along with the monthly moons all year. There is the full school year calendar with illustrated moon phases, or draw your own each day with the blank moon phases templates. There are definitions of moon phases, moon phase wheels, copywork, journaling pages, pencil toppers, tic-tac-toe, bookmarks, crowns  &  crafting templates and more!

Birthstone unit .jpeg
birthstones bundle.jpeg

Birthstones and Geometry  bundle
Birthstones and geometry is 169 pages of birthstone and geometry themed homeschooling resources. The special hand-painted birthstone school year calendar will keep you on track, along with the weekly planning and reading charts. There is an ABC birthstone banner, birthstone pencil toppers, affirmation cards, posters and  so much more!


Wild Morel Mushrooms
nature learning bundle
is a 63 page hand painted PDF printable bundle designed for all ages. Little ones can enjoy the Morel sorting and number learning and more; while older children can learn about Morel Anatomy and the differences between a False  Morel vs an Edible Morel. Explore Hands-on learning with Look inside diagrams. Print any page poster size and so much more!


Wild North Bundle
over 100 pages of Northern facts and fun! Our hand illustrated worksheets are the perfect hands-on, visual learning projects that kids will remember. Learn about the Northern lights while spinning homemade penny spinners, create 3D landscapes, play with Arctic animal finger-puppets while learning about their northern home and how they adapt to that environment, and much more! for ages 3-12.


Wild Rose Hips
- tea party unit
This 60 page bundle is all about wild rose hips. Create an epic wild rose hip tea party, with invites, bunting, games, crowns and recipe cards,  instructions on how to make rose-hip tea and so much more!