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Living Childhood Outside
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Welcome to Acorns and Aprons, a place where you can find endless inspiration and resources for connecting with nature and fostering your child's curiosity and creativity. Our website is dedicated to promoting outdoor learning, creativity, and exploration through forest school, nature school, and homeschooling. We offer a variety of engaging activities that encourage children to connect with nature, such as original artwork, printables, and nature-inspired crafts. Our mission is to inspire families to spend more time outside, learning, exploring, creating, and foraging together. We firmly believe that connecting with nature is essential for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. So, join us on this beautiful journey and let's discover the wonders of the natural world!  


Learning about Nature helps children build a connection to the natural world. When we teach children the importance of animals, trees and the environment we help foster an ‘Earth Warrior’ who wants to protect lands, oceans and animals, so we can continue living and learning on this beautiful earth.


 NEW STEAM Learning Bundles Perfect for Curious Learners!




STEAM learning

An Exciting STEAM Moon bundle with bright yellow moons and blue skies to make learning fun! Math & Science Subjects mixed with arts and craft activities..and more!  


Wild Learning


Wild Moon  bundle
 Each month is a celebration about the full moon, making it a bundle you can use everyday of the year! Follow along with the monthly moons all year. There is the full school year calendar with illustrated moon phases, or draw your own each day with the blank moon phases templates. There are definitions of moon phases, moon phase wheels, copywork, journaling pages, pencil toppers, tic-tac-toe, bookmarks, crowns  &  crafting templates and more!

Birthstone unit .jpeg
birthstones bundle.jpeg

Birthstones and Geometry  bundle
Birthstones and geometry is 169 pages of birthstone and geometry themed homeschooling resources. The special hand-painted birthstone school year calendar will keep you on track, along with the weekly planning and reading charts. There is an ABC birthstone banner, birthstone pencil toppers, affirmation cards, posters and  so much more!


Wild Morel Mushrooms
nature learning bundle
is a 63 page hand painted PDF printable bundle designed for all ages. Little ones can enjoy the Morel sorting and number learning and more; while older children can learn about Morel Anatomy and the differences between a False  Morel vs an Edible Morel. Explore Hands-on learning with Look inside diagrams. Print any page poster size and so much more!


Wild North Bundle
over 100 pages of Northern facts and fun! Our hand illustrated worksheets are the perfect hands-on, visual learning projects that kids will remember. Learn about the Northern lights while spinning homemade penny spinners, create 3D landscapes, play with Arctic animal finger-puppets while learning about their northern home and how they adapt to that environment, and much more! for ages 3-12.


Wild Rose Hips
- tea party unit
This 60 page bundle is all about wild rose hips. Create an epic wild rose hip tea party, with invites, bunting, games, crowns and recipe cards,  instructions on how to make rose-hip tea and so much more!


Wild journaling

Ladybug Math
This ladybug math PDF printable  bundle is a hands-on way to learn simple math skills for ages 2-8, perfect for early-learning math. The beautifully hand-painted materials will aid with counting, addition and subtraction. Use the Morel and beet adding and subtracting display boxes with the matching cut-out numbers and cute ladybugs to help with counting. You will have everything you need to create a hands-on learning experience. Mix and Match the materials and have fun learning.


Wild Logbook 
nature journaling bundle
Over 100 pages to help observe and record in nature. This DIY bundle has fun nature themed covers, page insert logs - with diagrams, charts & wheels. There's phenology charts, moon phases charts, a dream log, nature logs and more. Plus, there's an EXTRA page included with bookmarks, mini mushroom booklets, DIY nature stickers, tic-tac toe games and more!

wild journaling.jpeg
wild journaling.jpeg
wild mushroom discovery.jpeg

Wild Mushroom Discovery - learning  bundle
Our Wild Mushroom Discovery has 153 pages to explore. There is so much goodness that you’ll have to see it to believe! Kids will be able to easily digest mushroom facts with our easy to read mini-booklets, about six kinds of mushrooms! There are also double sided Amanita Muscaria finger puppets, Mushroom lifecycle wheel. Mushroom hunting tips and tricks,​ Posters, Mushroom learning game (with mushroom dice), Journal covers and fun mushroom writing pages, Bookmarks​ …and so much more. All hand-painted by us, Acorns and Aprons! 




wild mushroom discovery.jpeg

Wild Spore Prints Pack

Wild Mushroom Spore Print pack is a NEW 27 page mushroom discovery unit with printable steps on how to create a mushroom spore print from a wild mushroom. 


There are journal covers and recording pages to help you record your scientific findings. Set up a complete spore print learning and experiment station with colourful decorative spore banners to assemble as you wish. There are fun cards to share with friends that can be used as templates in crafting. Plus, a fun tic-tac-toe game! The images are of REAL SPORE PRINTS!




spore print pack.jpeg
spore prints.jpeg

Wild Crafts and Play bundles

Amanita Muscaria
Nature craft bundle
Inside this 197 page PDF digital bundle you'll find various Amanita  Muscaria (Fly Agaric) mushroom inspired crafting and learning activities. We hope that these crafts inspire you to spend time outside in nature. It is designed to get kids interested about wild mushrooms, while teaching them how to easily identify this poisonous mushroom.  Fun for all ages!

Amanita Muscaria Craft Bundle.jpeg